Jesus is My King!

It seems to me that you either love politics or you hate it. I love politics, well it is actually a love-hate relationship. I love it if my candidate wins and the people we elect are doing what I feel they should do for our country. But if my candidate loses…not so much love. I am one of those people that loves talk radio and can get totally obsessed with the whole election process and with this being a presidential election year it seems like politics is everywhere. Who will be our president? How will they lead? Will they keep our Christian values or will we be lead further from Christ as a country by our new president?

Our president is our version of a King in the United States. It is the person that we as citizens place our trust and faith in to lead us and our country. But if we are placing our faith in anyone that is not Jesus Christ we are going to be disappointed. No matter who we choose to be president in November, they will fall short. They will make choices that anger us and leave us shaking our heads in disbelief, because they are human and flawed just like the rest of us. Our faith is to only be placed in the one true King Jesus Christ!

Jesus is our king and He portrays a completely different type of king then what we see in our President or our political leaders today. He did not come to this world with pomp and circumstance, instead He chose to take off His crown and come to Earth as a lowly babe in a manger. Jesus spent His time on Earth not demanding we serve Him, but instead came to serve those around Him, to teach us how to live, and to be sacrificed for our sins and bring salvation.

We as Christians know that in the end, however long that may be, there will be only one King remaining and He is Jesus Christ. You see, it doesn’t matter who our next president is if we have placed our trust in King Jesus. This world will soon pass away along with politics and our sinful nature and we will finally see Jesus upon His throne. Until then, we are to keep our focus on Him and lead people to know Jesus as their personal savior. This way when Jesus comes to claim His kingdom we will have brought many to the Kingdom of God!

“These will wage war against the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, because He is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those who are with Him are called Chosen and faithful.” Revelation 17:14.

Be bold, Be brave, Be blessed!


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