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On today’s episode of the #IKnowHim podcast, Reid and Aimee Christner are sharing how their experiences with God have called them to live a life of servanthood and obedience. They discuss how fear and surrender have played a role in their faith journey, as well as how coming to Christ in adulthood influenced their faith. In this podcast, they talk with host Rachel Sweatt about how obedience in what God has asked them to do has built their faith, strengthened their marriage, and cultivated a life of purpose and intention.

Looking for God


Here are the resources mentioned in the podcast:

Seamless by Angie Smith

End of Me By Kyle Idleman

#IKnowHim Podcast with Aimee and Reid Christner

We are excited to welcome Laney Wooten, a long time follower of Jesus, who is giving us a transparent look at how she has experienced God as she wrestles with hard questions about her faith, and struggles with the doubt that so many Christians experience in various seasons of life. Laney also shares how God has revealed his goodness and his nearness to her through the tangible hope that sustains her every day as she points her family to Jesus through the countless hardships that come with having a child with severe autism.

#IKnowHim Podcast with Laney Wooten

Today’s guest is a wife, mom, University professor, engineer, world changer, and fierce Jesus follower. We are honored to share this conversation with Emily Hunt, who shares a raw look at who Jesus really is to her and how she and her family are experiencing God first hand as their unsuspected fight against the cancer in their seven year son old brings them to the front lines of their faith. 

Emily and Zander

#IKnowHim Podcast with Emily Hu

Brooke and Sarah, founders of Partners In Hope, are sharing how they have experienced God in their own lives and how they continue to see His goodness in hard places. On this episode of the #IKnowHim Podcast, we are talking about how they have seen redemption and restoration offered to prisoners and how they take the Light of the Gospel into hard places, as well as how they see the goodness of God firsthand in the lives of the children they serve through their program. 

Partners In Hope #IKnowHim

For more information, visit their website here.

To partner with them financially as they continue to serve children and prisoners in Uganda, click here.

Partners In Hope #IKnowHim Podcast

Today’s podcast guests are newlyweds Mikey and Cicely McDowell, who are experiencing God in their lives after recently beginning a new season in their lives in a new place, with God being their only familiarity. A law student and a musician in Nashville, they are sharing ways they are actively seeking God and seeing Him move when everything else is uncertain, and how they are pressing in to making Him known in their new spheres of influence.

McDowell #IKnowHim Podcast


Our guest today, Whittney Grizzle, is sharing the message that God has given her as a result of her experiences with Him and how God’s relentless pursuit of her is evidence that He has a plan and a purpose for our lives. She discusses how she has seen God’s hand of protection and how the prayers of a woman she wouldn’t meet for 22 years changed her life. Her story is one of hope, redemption, and coming to Jesus just as you are, but never being the same after meeting Him.

#IKnowHimPodcast with Whittney Grizzle 

#IKnowHimPodcast with Whittney Grizzle

Our storytellers today, Kevin and Cindy Tuttle, are talking about specific ways they have experienced God in their lives and how they are continuing to see God pursue them in every circumstance. Through adoption, an economic crisis, their marriage and in their day to day lives of so much unknown, they have seen God reveal Himself in ways that changed them forever. 

#IKnowHim Podcast

#IKnowHim Podcast


On today’s episode of the #IKnowHim Podcast, our guest Randy Ray is sharing how his life has been impacted by the teachings of C.S. Lewis and how his admiration for this author led to a divine encounter with God while visiting Lewis’ house. Randy shares how this intimate moment taught him about God’s love for us and the love we are called to have for others. 

#IKnowHim Podcast with Randy Ray

"Addison's Walk" where Lewis was converted.

“Addison’s Walk” where Lewis was converted.

Lewis' living room at the Kilns.

Lewis’ living room at the Kilns.

On today’s episode of the #IKnowHim podcast our guest David O’Brien is sharing how his relationship with God continues to deepen as he navigates through hard conversations with God while being steadfast in his faith. He talks about learning how to claim the truth that God is worthy even when our hearts are heavy. David shares that in his experience, part of knowing God is the freedom to ask hard questions and the ability to be vulnerable, especially when walking through grief.

#IKnowHim Podcast

#IKnowHim Podcast David O'Brien