#IKnowHim is a ministry community that seeks to share the message that God is real, God is here, and He is good through stories of supernatural experiences. We believe there is incredible power in sharing what God has done in our lives. We know that the present darkness is no match for name of Jesus, and stories of the living God being in our midst is something that will spread like wildfire. Inspired by John 8:55, we must ask ourselves, how do we know Him? How do we know God is real, God is here, and He is good in our lives? If you are a believer and you know Jesus, it is time to tell the world that you know Him. The world is desperate for light, for truth, and for Jesus. These stories will inspire the church to share what God has done and will gather those that do not yet know Him to those that do. Do you know Him? We can’t wait to hear from you!

Grace and Peace,

Rachel Sweatt