A New Season + A Battle Cry

God has big things in store for this new season of #IKnowHim. We are excited to watch Him gather people and stories that reveal God is here, God is real, and He is good. Our goal is to overcome the darkness of the world with the light of the Gospel.

This is our next battle move.

We wait. God gathers. Darkness Flees.

We’d love for you to join us in the fight of overcoming darkness with #IKnowHim stories, in hopes that this will only be the beginning for you. My prayer is that sharing your story here gives you courage to share it everywhere, with normal people in ordinary conversations, daily. The enemy knows that if people were to really believe that God was in our midst, he would lose massive strongholds. I believe that the #IKnowHim movement could be the catapult for countless individuals meeting God for the first time and experiencing the true hope that the cross brings. Let’s tell the world who He is.

Grace and peace,