Defense Wins Games

Growing up in the Texas panhandle and playing basketball, we are always taught that defense wins games. From the time we are little we were taught the importance of fundamentals and working as a team.

When you are playing defense it is all about being aggressive, anticipating the offensive move, moving your feet and being “help-side” if your girl is on the other side of the court from where you are. If you are on ball you get after it and you don’t allow your girl to get between you and the basket, but if she does you know that one of your teammates has cheated over and has your back by being your “help.” She took your player when you got beat and her goal is to stop the ball. You are a team and there is no better feeling then working like a cohesive team and stopping the ball, get a turn-over, or get a 5- second call because the other team couldn’t pass the ball and your team has played such good defense.

It can be that way with us in our everyday life as well-when we are facing a problem or a foe that seems bigger than us, faster than us or is just beating us up. We can do everything we are taught…and we still find ourselves beaten. Only then when all seems lost can we realize that Christ has been behind us all the time just waiting for us to yell “help!” We have done all we can humanly do and it’s still not enough, but He is there.

Jesus is always with us waiting to come to our defense. His strength is revealed the most when we are at our weakest. 2 Corinthians 12:9 tells us that Jesus teaches “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

If we will humble ourselves when we are scared, weary, or just beaten and lean into Jesus we will get to witness one of the biggest blessings that we can receive. We will get to see the power of Jesus Christ alive and in a very real personal way. He knows that in our trenches when we can’t go on, that it is in these very moments that Jesus can be truly glorified. When it isn’t humanly possible, that is when He can make anything possible. It’s just like on that basketball court when we have been beaten, we can look up and see our teammate step up when we can’t.

I pray that today we will look behind us and look for Jesus “our defender” and see Him. We will see that He has been there all along. We aren’t alone in our battles…He is with us, always defending us.

Be bold, Be brave, Be blessed!