Unexpected King

I used to be a regular evening news viewer, but I watch with angst more and more because it makes me so sad.  Anyone else feel discouraged by the world around us?  Innocent people being killed, cancer robbing our loved ones of life, Alzheimer’s robbing our families of decades of memories, innocent children being enslaved and used for prostitution, husbands leaving their families, the fatherless never knowing a daddy, parents abusing their own children, and starving babies are just a fraction of the sorrow we see.  Seeing suffering like this over and over again could leave one feeling hopeless.  However, as a Christ follower I have hope because I have a King, not an earthly king, but a Holy King.

God reveals Himself as King and it is a little bit like what fairytales describe. Some of the words in scripture that describe God in this way include: majesty, splendor, glory, reigning, sitting on a throne, jewels, victory and power. That pretty much sums up what image appears in my head when I think of a king. But a rather significant difference from fairytales is that Jesus isn’t fictional. His reign is real and He is a victorious king. He is sovereign over the world and ALL that is in it, including all that grieves me on the evening news. 1 Chronicles 16:27 says,

“Splendor and majesty are before him; strength and joy are in his dwelling place.”

God also reveals Himself in an unexpected way, as a humble king. He first came to earth not as royalty dressed in robes on a white horse with an orb in his hand, but as a humble man, a carpenter. Several hundred years before Jesus came to earth, a prophet of God wrote this:

“Rejoice greatly, Daughter Zion!  Shout, Daughter Jerusalem!  See, your king comes to you righteous and victorious, lowly and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.”  Zechariah 9:9

God reveals Himself not only as a majestic ruler, but also a humble king.  Israel had waited for what many believed to be a military type authority and king, but instead He came as an unexpected king born in a stable.  Why is it significant that God reveals Himself as King both majestic and humble? The answer is because humanity needs both.

Humanity needs a majestic and humble King as we encounter this world. We NEED a majestic king to reign over this mess. We can rejoice that He is a reigning King who has DEFEATED darkness and is victorious.  But, we also need a humble King.  Because of God’s great love for us King Jesus has walked on earth as a man. He experienced pain and suffering as we do. Our King reigns with justice and mercy.  So, I am encouraged despite the pain I see on the evening news because God has revealed Himself as the sovereign ruler who loves us enough to experience the pain with us. I am so grateful that I can lay down these burdens at the foot of His throne and know that He is there and He loves the world He has created.

King over all the earth, we acknowledge our need for you as a Holy, perfect, reigning King. We need your wisdom to help us to discern right and wrong. We need your justice. We need your power to redeem us from this mess. We need you as our humble King. We need to encounter you personally and experience first hand the love of a living God. You are our Humble and Majestic King.


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