Jehovah Rapha

This week my faith was tested in a real and tangible way. I felt it to my very core. I knew that Satan had found my weakness, my family, and more specific the fact that I truly have no control of how long I have with my precious loved ones. When we get to the heart of our humanity we realize that we don’t know how long we have here on Earth, but God does. And as I sat in a waiting room with my family I felt one thing… helpless. My mom was in the back having tests run and we heard things like “a spot we want to look at, sonogram, biopsy and recurrent breast cancer.”  Our world had once again stopped.

We had watched my mom go through the fight of her life 5 1/2 years ago. A fight no one should face; though countless people fight cancer everyday. Surgeries, chemo, radiation, side effects, weakness, nausea…this fight is horrific. She won her battle the first time and did it with courage, strength and above all with her mighty belief in Jehovah Rapha-The LORD that heals you. My mom knew without a doubt that God was going to heal her and He did. She also knew that even if she wasn’t healed here on Earth, she would be in Heaven. Her faith during this time was palpable and contagious.  Her focus stayed on her creator and her healer.

“Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise.”  Jeremiah 17:14.

As we sat in an all too familiar waiting room with tears flowing at the memories that lingered and the fear of what this second journey might hold, I was reminded that Jehovah Rapha has this. He knew what this test would show, when my mom’s battle with cancer would be won and most importantly when He will return and our would will never hear another horrible diagnosis. There will be no more pain, no more cancer and no more death.

Thankfully we heard just 24-hours later that my mom doesn’t have recurrent breast cancer.  The spot was benign! Again tears flowed, but this time in relief and thankfulness.  I have always said that when I get content and too comfortable I’m frightened that God will have to get my attention by taking my legs out so that I find my knees in prayer.  I found my knees last week and I know that without a doubt that Jehovah Rapha was with my family and healed us closer together once again, but more importantly we were all drawn closer to Him.

Whether you are facing an unthinkable diagnosis, a broken spirit or even an addiction… our God is a healer!  Nothing we can face is bigger than Him.  We can give Him all of our battles and we know that He is with us.  Just as my mom demonstrated for my family, we too can show those around us the power and glory of Jehovah Rapha!

Be bold, Be brave, Be blessed!


6 thoughts on “Jehovah Rapha


    He is our All in All! i Love you more than words and am SO proud of the wonderful Christian Woman, Wife and Mother you are!!!!

  2. G Hadley

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder that God is our Healer in all things! This was a blessing and reminder that this weary and worn soul needed to read this morning. I am so thankful that all is well for your precious Mom! Our God is an awesome God…in all things. 🙂

    1. Whitney

      So glad this touched you. I will be praying for your weary worn soul to find peace and rest in our Jesus.

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