The Wonder of God

#IKNOWHIM is about God intervening in people’s lives in ways where He has clearly revealed Himself to people. Over the past few weeks we have spent time reflecting on God, and how He revealed himself to all of humanity through His name. Last week the blog was about calling God, Abba Father. It is a name for God that helps us experience God in a close and familiar way.

This week we will experience a name of God that helps us to experience Him in a way that fills us with wonder, reverence and brings us to His feet with deep respect and awe, the Lord Most High.

When I was in the sixth grade I went on a really long road trip from central Texas to Southern California. I would like to take a moment to emphasize it was really long and decades later I still have no desire to repeat it, except for one thing. We briefly stopped our vehicle in Arizona and stood at a scenic overlook of the Grand Canyon. Never in my life have I seen anything that made me feel so small. The depth of the hole, the colors of the dirt, the view that went on for miles filled me with wonder. The park signs explained that the canyon had been carved by a body of water over thousands of years. I could not even imagine this to be possible. God has revealed His wonder to humanity through the earth. Through the power He must have displayed in creating the canyon He makes Himself known. He alone can be above all of this earth and all the things in it.   He is God, and in this case so very much NOT like me. He is the Lord Most High over all of the earth even before it was created and will be Lord Most High for eternity.

God has revealed Himself both as an approachable father as well as a Lord over all the earth. To be honest I think sometimes I rob myself of experiencing God’s wonder. While it is truly humbling to be a friend of God, I can only hope to remember that He is the Lord Most High. He is not sitting on the couch with me negotiating right and wrong. God and I aren’t pals that decide together what path the world will take. He is very much God, He is Lord.   Lord, meaning master, over all the earth. Most High meaning elevated above all of the worldly things, thoughts, and activities. He is the Lord Most High.

I believe this name is a name I must call on often to remind me of His place in my life. When I struggle with anxiety, He is the Lord Most High. When people kill people to create terror, He is the Lord Most High. When politics turn friends, family and neighbors against each other, He is the Lord Most High. When children are enslaved, He is the Lord Most High. When I am desperate for answers, He is the Lord Most High.


Clap your hands, all you nations;

shout to God with cries of joy.


For the Lord Most High is awesome,

the great King over all the earth.

Psalm 47:2