Time, the Myth

I believe that the most important way for us to grow in our relationship with God is to spend time with Him.  I also believe that there is a huge myth out there about not having enough time in the day.  Not enough time for family, family dinners, bible study, quiet time, or even church.  I often hear myself saying how busy or how rushed I am, but it isn’t because the day has grown shorter.  I have just filled my day up with “necessities.”  Now some of these “necessities” truly have to be done.  Like feeding and bathing my kids.  (For some reason all four of my littles think this eating thing just has to be done 3 times a day, everyday…kids!)  But other things that I have put into my life like Facebook, Candy Crush, or maybe my latest tv obsession may not be real necessities.  I know that those are easy things to remove from my life, but things like kids activities, sports, and maybe even prayer group or Bible study are harder to take out to ease my schedule.  There are times that we have to remove some of these things from our schedules, if we find that we no longer are able to spend quality time with our families and our Lord.

I keep thinking when the next season of my life comes I will have more time to spend with God and in His word.  Maybe it will happen when my kids are out of diapers, when they all sleep through the night, when they are all in school, or maybe when they all have graduated high school! But that next season comes and it still never seems like I have more time.

When we started this project, my schedule became crazy very quickly. I had to decide what things in my life were non-negotiable, like feeding my husband and my littles.  But my top priority was my time with God.  I want this project to be all about Him and if I want my life to reflect His Love and His Word then I have to be in His Word.  I have had to make changes in my day like waking up early or staying up late to study and to listen to what God was trying to teach me.

God has never changed.  He wants our love, our time, and a real relationship with us.  He is there waiting with His arms outstretched.  Jesus was the best example of how to have an amazing relationship with God, his father.  Mark 1:35 tells us that,”Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”  It was a priority for Him to have a relationship with God and it must be ours as well.

It may mean that we put down our precious phones, delete that app that is consuming all of our time, turn off the tv, and turn our focus back to the God that has blessed us with so much.  I pray that this week we will turn towards God and away from all the world is offering us and make God a necessity. We have all the time we need if we keep our focus on the One who created it.

Be bold, Be brave, Be blessed


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