IKnowHim Video Premiere

#IKnowHim from IKnowHim on Vimeo.

Written by Sydney Clark and produced by Blake Cartrite of Simple and Historic.

This video has been in the works for several months and we are so excited to finally launch it into the world. The ministry of this video has had a covering of prayer and every single person that will watch it has had someone intercede on their behalf.  We are believing that God will use this video to GATHER. That He would gather those that believe to those that have yet to know Him. We are praying that followers of Jesus are inspired to boldly share what God has done for them, and for hearts and minds everywhere to reflect on what a relationship with Him means. We would love for you to share this video to help us spread the message of the Gospel far and wide.

The #IKnowHim video is available as a resource for ministry, contact us for more information.

Let us know how this video inspired you! We are so encouraged by your support and are always excited to hear how God is moving through the #IKnowHim community!